Backing welding Surface Tension Transfer (STT).
Advanced accurately current and waveform control bring excellent performance.
Various protection gas, Pure CO2 applicable, reduce the cost.
Wind-tunnel Design (WD).
IP23 protection class and full enclosed wire feeder.
Compact design of 57kg, easy to move.
A versatile welder with excellent welding performance. Good for E 6010, E8010 welding Robust design for working in wild field.
Suitable to equip with Generator. IP23 protection and anti-shock, anti-voltage fluctuation.
Wind-tunnel Design (WD). Multiple self-protection features.
Pipeline welding specialist for filed construction. Satisfy pipe X60, X70, X80 with various wires.
Embedded expert database, and 100 sets of user-defined parameters memory.
Easy operation, 100% success rate of arc ignition.
For wild field with IP23 protection class and full enclosed wire feeder.
Fan on demand technology reduces dust and saves energy and life.
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