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This system includes inverter, communication network and upper computer, has advantages like high real-timeliness, high reliability, simple wiring and remote monitoring and management. With communication technology, auto-control technology, computer technology, to realize PV power station monitoring, running and management functions, provide economic, reliable and safe solution for PV power station intelligent, automating, unmanned management. This APP suits for all kinds of PV power station, provides PV integrated monitoring and running program, realize complete real-time monitoring, control and management for PV power station.

ATSolarAPP is intelligent terminal for PV power station monitoring and management person. It help user master PV power station running status at anytime and anywhere, realize remote data monitoring of PV power station, ensure convenient management and monitoring timeliness. System displays PV power station running data by visual table, includes power station power generation, benefit, CO2 emission reduction benefit, equipment running status, equipment real-time data, history data query, power generation comparison, equipment performance comparison. As fashion and intelligent application, it can let user demonstrate his PV power station at any occasion, user has intuitive feeling, enhance user confidence.

Information collector is used for data collection and monitoring of solar inverters, combiner box and environment monitor in PV power stations. This device has RS485/CAN/Ethernet, and USB data communication interface. This makes it compatible with many equipments and reduce system cost.

Distributed solar power station remote monitoring system is for unified management, monitoring, operation and maintenance, analysis of distributed solar power station. By internet of things like GPRS/WiFi/wired to real-time gather solar power station data, transfer data to cloud serve center for calculating and logical processing. Provide mobile APP, internet for user checking; provide monitoring, operation and maintenance, energy efficiency improvement, safe operation for distributed solar power station owner and power user.

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