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Information collector is used for data collection and monitoring of solar inverters, combiner box and environment monitor in PV power stations. This device has RS485/CAN/Ethernet, and USB data communication interface. This makes it compatible with many equipments and reduce system cost.

Distributed solar power station remote monitoring system is for unified management, monitoring, operation and maintenance, analysis of distributed solar power station. By internet of things like GPRS/WiFi/wired to real-time gather solar power station data, transfer data to cloud serve center for calculating and logical processing. Provide mobile APP, internet for user checking; provide monitoring, operation and maintenance, energy efficiency improvement, safe operation for distributed solar power station owner and power user.

This device can do round-the-clock measurement of wind speed and direction, precipitation, air temperature and humidity, irradiation, atmospheric pressure, and other local meteorological parameters. Via matched data collection communication line, it can connect with and transfer the gathered data to PC for data analysis and processing. Data recorder has functions of data acquisition, data memory, parameter setting, friendly software interface and standard communication.

The main function of AC power distribution cabinet is to supply grid-connected interface through power distribution. This cabinet is mainly composed of breaker, SPD, electricity meter, grid-connected interface and AC current and voltage meters, etc.

DC distribution cabinet is used to combining by connecting DC cable output by combiner box, output to grid-connected inverter. It includes DC input breaker, PV SPD, and optional anti-current flowing backwards, easy to operate and maintain.

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